Gourmet organic fun flavored Cotton Candy for Private Parties and Corporate Events, baby and wedding showers, or just for fun!
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Welcome to Flosse Edible Clouds! We specialize in creating hand-crafted organic cotton candy in a variety of amazing flavors you're sure to love! Our use of organic products allows us to use natural and dye-free ingredients that really make for an amazing and stand-apart cotton candy you and your whole family will enjoy!

Great for parties, events, showers and more!

Try our specialty flavors such as What's the Dill, Spicy Nacho, Chocolate Custard Egg, Sweet Chick, Bunny Food (Carrot Cake), and many, many more.
Keep on the look-out, because we are always adding outrageous new delicious flavors!
You can shop our gourmet organic cotton candy HERE.

There's nothing more fun or memorable then eating gourmet cotton candy and we just know you'll love eating our edible clouds.

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"So fun and tasty!
I sneaked a bite, but this is for a
family member on the naughty list. Lol!

— Jacquelyn T.

"This cotton candy is amazing!
The flavors are so much fun we
can't wait to try them all!

—Kate N

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Organic, gourmet all natural cotton candy